Levaquin and my tendons

tendons levaquin and legos

“Hey baby…I like your tendons. And your legos. I hope you’re not taking Levaquin.”

I’ve worked in healthcare technology for the bulk of my adult life; over a decade, in fact.  However, I am not a clinically trained person.  I can hold my own at dinner parties (I make a fantastic +1), can get through a demo with most doctors and hospital executives, but do not have any clinical training. I somehow manage to get through the bulk of my days knowing what I know.

Except last week? I needed to know that Levaquin was a shittastic drug for people who run a lot.  I learned this randomly this morning during a work meeting where we were discussing how providers just go through the processes, typically based on their values, and don’t always share important information based on the patient’s lifestyle and values–my (clinically trained) colleague used the lifestyle example of a runner being prescribed Levaquin.

Um…I am on day 9 of a 10 day course and am actually quite irritated that this didn’t come up during my appointment last Monday night.  I specifically said that I was training for a marathon. In fact, my visit was related to something that was caused because I am a runner!

Things I learned? I am glad I am not a doctor.  There’s so much to remember and so many things that could go wrong.  And I’d be horrible at it, in general.  I also learned that not every side effect affects everybody…despite running quite a few miles since I’ve been on the Levaquin, I’ve been relatively unfathomed by tendon issues.  My right ankle feels a tad messed up, but that is either psychosomatic, triggered by my psycho overactive brain, or is actually an injury that I had before I had something to blame it on…I digress.

The point is this, though*…at the end of the day, as patients, we have to do our homework and make sure that the care plans we receive, the procedures we have, the meds we take, and the steps we follow are right for our lives.

General practitioners, urgent care providers, etc…they have to remember SO much.  I don’t blame the doctor for not mentioning that the Levaquin is probably not a good fit for me; he only had pieces of my past medical history to make a very quick decision – in fact, I only shared pieces of my past medical history with him -but I do blame him for not sending me off with great patient information.  I blame the pharmacy for the same thing.  And if they did and I missed it?  I blame myself for not being responsible and consuming it.

Actually.  I blame nobody, and am grateful that I know to cool it for a couple of days while the drug leaves my system, and that nothing tragic happened to my tendons while I ran on the med…

*This is doubly important if it’s in rural NY and you’re at an urgent care that has more restrictive hours than your PCP.  (Just sayin’)


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